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Preventative Care

Protecting your teeth is the first step to getting a long lasting, beautiful smile of your dreams. Dr. Thomas and his team at Jay Thomas protect your smile with preventative care.

Crowns, Fillings, and Veneers

A beautiful smile begins with healthy and functional teeth. Dr. Thomas and his team will help you achieve your dream smile through a number of different treatment options.

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If your tooth is badly decayed, overcrowded, or has a large infection, Dr. Thomas may have to remove it.  Removing your tooth can prevent further decay, infection, and bone loss.

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Root Canals

A common way that root canals form is from decay. It begins as a cavity that was formed by acids from foods and drinks which ate away the outer shell of the tooth.

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Teeth Whitening

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, teeth whitening may be right for you. Dr. Thomas can whiten your teeth with the latest treatment options.


Braces and Invisalign Aligners

Whether you have had an orthodontic treatment before or if this is your first time, Dr. Thomas can straighten your misaligned teeth with braces and Invisalign retainers.

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General Teeth Cleaning

Part of your oral health routine can be done at home and the other part is done at the Granbury, Texas dentist office with Dr. Thomas. Good oral health begins with a good hygiene routine.

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